Lectures on Construction Project Planning, Management and Engineering Economics Spring 15

Followings are the lecture series on Project Planning, Management and Engineering Economics for Spring 2015. Main pdf lectures from 03 to 10 are provided by Dr. Prof. Syed Muhammad Ali. While the rest of lectures, further readings and matlab m files are provided by Me.

Please note that these are in preparation. Most of the content collected from various sources over internet.

Construction Project Planning & Management:

Lecture 1: Intro

Lecture 2: WBS, Kaizen

Lecture 03a: Project Management Process Group

Lecture 03b: Project Manager’s Role

Lecture 04a: Planning Commission

Lecture 04b: Project Life Cycle

Lecture 05: Project Appraisal

Lecture 06: Scheduling Resources

Lecture 07 & 08: ISO9000, Auditing Process, and ABM 

Lecture 08: Further Readings 01: Manual for Development Projects

Lecture 08: Further Readings 02: Approval of Development Projects

Lecture 08: Further Readings 02a: Project Approving Authorities in Pakistan

Lecture 08: Further Readings 03: Recent News about increase in CDWP limit

Lecture 08: Further Readings 04: Previous News about increase in CDWP limit

Lecture 08: Further Readings 05: Organization Structure of Ministries in KP Province

Lecture 08: Further Readings 06: Guidelines for Project Management

Lecture 08: Further Readings 07: Handbook of Planning Commission

Lecture 08: Further Readings 08: Critical Chain Method

Lecture 08: Further Readings 09: PCDA

Lecture 08: Further Readings 09a: SWOT Analysis

Lecture 08: Further Readings 10: Time Driven Model for Choosing a Decision

Lecture 08: Further Readings 11: Project Life Cycle in Pakistan

Lecture 08: Further Readings 12: Project Management Videos

Lecture 08: Further Readings 13: Info on ABM

Engineering Economics:

Lecture 09: Engineering Economics Introduction

Lecture 09: Further Readings 01: Engineering Economics Introduction

Lecture 09: Further Readings 02: Engineering Economics Formulae

Lecture 09: Further Readings 03: Net Present Value

Lecture 09: Further Readings 04: Interest

Lecture 09: Further Readings 05: Usury

Lecture 09: Further Readings 06: Salvage Value

Lecture 10: Time Value of Money

Lecture 11: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Lecture 11a: SPI & CPI

Lecture 11b: Break-Even Analysis

Lecture 11c: Internal Rate of Return

Lecture 11: Further Readings 01: ADB on B/C

Lecture 11: Further Readings 02: B/C & IRR on Bridge

Lecture 11: Further Readings 03: IRR

MATLAB m files for Economic Analysis:

Matlab m files for formulae of engineering economics can be found here. You can upload them to octave-online.net to run them. Or you can check it on your desktop using gnu octave or matlab.

Primavera and Vico Constructor Video Tutorials:

Learn project planning with engineering applications using Primavera P3 and BIM – Vico Constructor from Youtube Channel of Engr. Qasim Shinwari at https://www.youtube.com/user/913shinwari

Lectures based on MS Project

Following lectures are based on MS Project. These are lectures of Project Management and recommended to be taught along with use of MS Project.

Lab 1 – Getting Started with MS Project

Lecture 1 – Project Basics

Lecture 2 – Understanding Projects

Lecture 3 – Project Management Tasks

Lecture 4 – Project Quick Start

Lecture 5 – Assessing  & Managing Risk

Lecture 6 – Scheduling & Linking Project Tasks

Lecture 7 – Entering Project Tasks

There are very good Youtube tutorial on MS Project which can be helpful for more understanding.

Lectures on Project Planning & Management

Following are lectures on Project Planning & Management. These are based on Project Management Body of Knowledge – PMBOK written by Project Management Institute – PMI. PMI is the world’s leading not-for-profit membership association for the project management profession, with more than half a million members and credential holders in more than 185 countries.

PPM Course Outline

PPM Lecture 0 – Project Basics

PPM Lecture 1 – Project, Operational Work, Strategic Planning, Program, Portfolio, Sub-Project, PMO, Project Life Cycle, Project Stake Holder and Organization System

PPM Lecture 2 – Benefit to Cost Ratio

PPM Lecture 3 – Project Process, Integration, Scope, Time and Cost Management

PPM Lecture 4 – Economic Analysis of Proposed Bridge using Benefit to Cost Ratio and Internal Rate of Return

PPM Lecture 5 – Project Quality & Human Resource Management

PPM Lecture 6 – Project Communication & Risk Management

PPM Lecture 7 – Project Procurement and Closure