QGIS Lab02 Fall14: New Vector Layer, Georeferencing, Digitization, Geocoding


This is second video tutorial in urdu language for QGIS. It is overview lecture on basic tasks such as creating a shape file (point, line and polygon), georeferencing, digitization, and geocoding.


  1. Creating Point, Line and Polygon (creating shape files), adding attribute data.
  2. Georeferencing (Georerefercing satellite image from google earth in QGIS)
  3.  Digitization/Vectorization (Digitizing satellite image in QGIS by creating vector overlay)
  4. Geocoding

Below is the full video lecture. Use full screen for clear content of video. You can watch directly on tune.pk from this link: http://tune.pk/video/4523903/lab02-qgis-new-vector-layer-georeferencing-digitization-geocoding

Or you can play HTML5 video below or download it which is playable in VLC player. Use full screen for clear view. The download link of below video is ogg video or mp4 video.

The example files that are used in video can be downloaded from here .


  1. Georeferencing
  2. Geocoding

Lectures based on MS Project

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There are very good Youtube tutorial on MS Project which can be helpful for more understanding.

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