Lectures on Introduction to Bridge Engineering

Following is the course content for Introduction to Bridge Engineering

Course Intructor: Prof. Dr. Shahzad Rahman

Course Outline

Introductionary Videos on Bridge

  1. Anchor Block
  2. Brooklyn Bridge
  3. Golden Gate Bridge
  4. History of Bridge Engineering
  5. Introduction to Bridge Engineering
  6. Stone Arch Action
  7. Tacoma Narrow Bridge
  8. Truss Action


Lecture 1: Historical Overview and Introduction

Lecture 1A: Planning of Bridges

Lecture 1A Updated

Lecture 2: Loads, Design Procedures, ASD and LRFD Philosophy

Lecture 2 Updated

Lecture 3: Grillage Method of Superstructure Analysis

Lecture 3 Updated

Lecture 4: Concrete Bridges

Lecture 4B: Concrete Deck Example

Lecture 5: Prestressed Girder Bridge

Lecture 6: Abutments

Lecture 7: Abutments Contd.

Lecture 8: Bearings

Lecture 9A: SAP2000 Bridge Lab Exercise video

Lecture 9B: SAP2000 Bridge pdf files

Lecture 9C: Camtesia player for lab exercise videos

Lecture 9: Bridge Engineering Spreadsheets

The official videos of bridge modeler can be downloaded from SAP2000 Official Videos.


Assignment 3: Slab-Girder Bridge


Mid Term Exam Paper

Final Term Exam Paper