As defined in About Page, Engineering Programs – has following objectives for projects:

  1. Open Source Software Projects for Engineering Analysis and Design
  2. Current focus is on Structural Engineering and GIS/RS

I am currently working on Creating Framework for Hybrid Testing using CalculiX. This is my PhD topic. I am also working on development of CalculiX and its application to Structural Engineering Problems. My another project is GIS Based Road Maintenance and Repair System for Peshawar City. My under graduate students are working along with me on these tasks. These projects are free and opensource and will be published on net under GNU/GPL license. If you are interested to work in these projects or collaborate, you can find me from one of contact mentioned at: Following are projects developed by Engineering Programs –


DSM-SCILAB-SOLVER is a Scilab based sce script file that solves 2d plane frame using Direct Stiffness Method. It is distributed under the license of GNU/GPL v2. More information and how to use documentation is found here.

scilab dsm example
Example Problem


  • Based on Direct Stifnees Method – DSM
  • Helps in learning and implementing DSM
  • Easy to use
  • Documentation available

02. Contour Plot using Matlab

plotcont is a matlab m file for plot of contour map. You can customize the location from plotcont.m file. It requires only latitude, longitude and altitude in decimals in data.xls file. It is distributed under the license of GNU/GPL v2. The details and download in of this program is given here.   Features of plotcont:

  • Contour Plot using Matlab
  • Only requires data.xls file as input
  • Source code is available
  • Fully customizable m file

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  1. It is really admirable that you are working very hard to make GIS more applicable to the spatial community using Open GIS, which is cost effective. The need for trained man power who has vison to use our diminishing resource more equitably is the need of hour of Indian sub continent. I wish you allthe bests to popularise in our countries.

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