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CEO of Engineering Programs enggprog.com Assistant Professor, Design Engineer @ University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar



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Details of my current Projects are at: http://enggprog.com/?page_id=2

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Semester Coordinator:  Managing Results, Semester, Class Scheduling, Exam arrangement, Students and their Semester Problems. Currently Teaching GIS/RS and MATLAB. Also taught Programming, SAP2000, Project Planning & Management, Surveying and Leveling, Mechanics of Solids. Design and Consultancy: Design and Analysis of New and Existing Structures for Retrofitting, Blast and Earthquake. Review of Towers. Peer Review of PT/RC, Suspension Bridges.   My CV

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  1. It becomes more interesting when a Teacher becomes your friend either through his teaching capabilities or by his good behavior. Engr. Faisal ( His Highness) has both at the same time, so i got a friend in himself. Keep blessed dear Sir.

  2. Sir i have studied MATLAB and Visual Basic from you in fall 2009. This is very helpful for me in my course of C-Language and MATLAB during my masters studies at PIEAS.

    MS Fellow
    Muhammad Bilal

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