Civil Engineering Quizzes

The purpose of this project is listed in following points:

  1. Preparation for Competition and Qualification Tests
  2. Clarify Civil Engineering Concepts.
  3. Hacking Civil Engineering Knowledge for better understanding and Learning.

This quiz engine is shared under GNU GPL license v2.0. You can copy, modify and share on your own app or site as long as GPL v2.0 license is not violated. The details for setup is in readme file inside the zip downloadable from here.

This project is under construction. In case of suggestions for improvements or issue or image display problem, then, comment below. If you have quiz questions, email at: At moment they are kept 30 (max) random quizzes per each section. Quizzes are in alphabetical  order. Click on link of each field to start online quiz:

  1. Advanced Surveying
  2. Air Port Engineering
  3. Applied Mechanics
  4. Building Construction
  5. Building Materials
  6. Concrete Technology
  7. Construction Management
  8. Docks and Harbors
  9. Estimating and Costing
  10. Highway Engineering
  11. Hydraulics
  12. Irrigation
  13. RCC Structure Design
  14. Railways Engineering
  15. SI Units
  16. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
  17. Steel Structure Design
  18. Strength of Materials
  19. Structural Design Specifications
  20. Surveying
  21. Theory of Structures
  22. Tunneling
  23. Waste Water Engineering
  24. Water Resource Engineering
  25. Water Supply Engineering