How to Download Accelerogram for given Earthquake Event?

Following are steps for downloading acceleration time history for any earthquake record:

  1. Open
  2. Check station info from
  3. You can find more about parameters of timeseries inputs from find event page of wilber3
  4. Network = II, Station = AAK, Location = 00, Channel = BH1, Start time = 2015-10-26 09:11:18, End time = 2015-10-26 09:21:18, Correction = Perform Instrument Correction, Frequency Limits = 0.001-0.02-0.02-9. Check differentiate, taper = 0.1, taper window = cosine, output = plot
  5. The url link is generated below, press to open in new tab. A time history plot will be opened in new window, which, you can save as image.
  6. Change the output type to ASCII: 2 column format, and click the below link to download the data.
  7. You can also change to audio to hear calculated sound of earthquake.
  8. Change channel to BH2 and then BHZ to download other components.
  9. Open the text file in spread sheet to process data.
Timeseries Data form
Timeseries Data form


Below is video explaining above steps: FB page of Engineering Programs

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    1. 1. Once you download ascii file of acceleration time history from iris timeseries, you need to edit it in notepad to remove headers and leave only two columns.
      2. First column is time (in seconds) and second column is acceleration (in m/sq.sec).
      3. Compare it against sample time history files of SAP2k. Edit your downloaded ascii to match it.

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