QGIS Lab06 Fall14: QGIS Vector Reprojection


This is sixth video tutorial of QGIS. It is about vector reprojection.


  1. Reprojecting and Transforming Data
  2. Projections
  3. “On the Fly” Reprojection (OTF):
    1. What this means is that even if the data itself is in another CRS, QGIS can project it as if it were in a CRS of your choice.
    2. Also using NSIDC EASE-Grid Global  i.e., Projected Coordinate System (PCS) to keep scale constant.
  4. Saving a Dataset to Another CRS
  5. Calculating area using Field Calculator
  6. Creating Your Own Projection
  7. Data Required:
    1. exercise_data/world/world.qgs
    2. exercise_data/world/RSA.shp
    3. exercise_data/epsg4326/buildings.shp
    4. world/oceans.shp

Below is the full video lecture. Use full screen for clear content of video. The download link of below video is ogg video or mp4 video. You can play it in vlc player or open it in web browser.

The example files that are used in video can be downloaded from here .


  1. Chapter 07 of QGIS 2.6 Training Manual
  2. Working with Projections (Spatial Thoughts Blog)
  3. Reprojecting Vector Layer (Info Geo Blog)

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