epc – enggprog compute

enggprog compute – epc is GPL web based CalculiX CrunchiX – ccx solver for solving multiphysics problems using Finite Element analysis. It is written in PHP.

How it works:

Upload ccx input file and get tar output. You can find online instance at: enggprog.net


  1. Dedicated debian server with CalculiX CrunchiX installed.
  2.  Apache2
  3.  PHP
  4. mod_expires, mod_headers activated.


You can download the tar files of epc package from here.


  1. Extract the package files of epc in web root.
  2. Change site name in core/config.php.
  3. Open index.php in web browser.


  1. enggprog.net is in alpha stage running on Pentium 4 with 1MBPS home based connection. It may not handle heavy traffic.
    Or sometimes you may face downtime on enggprog.net.
  2. Apache security features not implemented yet. Number of active users at given time is not limited yet.

Future Development:

  1. Implementing apache security features.
  2. Limiting simultaneous active session.
  3. Adding feature to excute fbd+inp file.


  1. CalculiX Portal.
  2. CalculiX Forum.
  3. CalculiX Binary for Debian 32bit.
  4. CalculiX Binary for Debian 64bit.
  5. CalculiX Buildbot for Debian 32bit.
  6. CalculiX Buildbot for Debian 64bit.

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