QGIS Lab01 Fall14: Intro to QGIS


This is first video tutorial in urdu language for QGIS. It is introductory lecture. The purpose of this series is to get started with using QGIS. QGIS is a free software package for Geographic Information System (GIS). You can download qgis for free from qgis.org.


  1. Adding existing vector layer
  2. Adding existing raster layer
  3. Zoom layer, working with layers, adding new layer, show hide layer, Table of content/ Manage layer pan
  4. Saving vector and raster layer
  5. Working with attribute/properties
  6. Identify feature
  7. Search/Query vector layer
  8. Working with style/color
  9. Symbols
  10. Label

Below is the full video lecture. Use full screen for clear content of video. You can watch directly on tune.pk from this link: http://tune.pk/video/4517058/lab01-intro-to-qgis

Or you can play HTML5 video below or download it which is playable in VLC player. Use full screen for clear view. The download link of below video is ogg video or mp4 video.

The example files that are used in video can be downloaded from here .


  1. QGIS tutorials and tips
  2. Free and opensource GIS ramblings
  3. QGIS official website

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