Debian4Engr Series 06: Installation of QGIS

Following is guide for installation of QGIS 1.8.0 in GNU Debian-cut and wheezy:

  1. Update sources.list:
  2. Update Packages for Wheezy for i386 and amd64 are available at:

  3. Keyring:
  4. To add the the repository public key to your apt keyring, type:

  5. Installation:
  6. If you also want python plugins make sure to install the optional python package:

    If you want the GRASS plugin make sure to install the optional package:

  7. Note:
  8. As to date i.e., 30/09/12, qgis-plugin-grass was not installable because it required a package grass641 which is not available in any repo (stable, testing, unstable, experimental) of debian. I have reported the bug to QGIS issue tracking. For now, I upgraded to nightly build of qgis by changing sources.list as:

    Then followed the steps of installation heading as described above and successfully install all three packages, i.e, qgis, python-qgis and qgis-plugin-grass. QGIS 1.90 – Master was installed successfully.

  9. Reference:
  1. QGIS Official Installation Guide

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