Debian4Engr Series: 05 Document writing using LaTeX

LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system; it includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents. One of great benefit of LaTeX is that it can be converted easily to postscript, pdf or html. There is excellent collection documentation and books on LaTeX website which can be helpful to get started with LaTeX.

Following packages are required to work with LaTeX in Debian:

  1. texlive – the base TEX/LATEX setup.
  2. emacs (with auctex) – a Linux editor that integrates tightly with LATEX through the add-on AucTeX package.
  3. ghostscript – a PostScript preview program.
  4. xpdf and acrobat – a PDF preview program.
  5. imagemagick – a free program for converting bitmap images.
  6. gimp – a free photoshop look-a-like.
  7. inkscape – a free illustrator/corel draw look-a-like.

Following is a simple getting started tex file that should be save with name of hello.tex using emacs or gedit.

Above file can be compile either directly from emacs or from terminal by following command:

The result will be a pdf file with following writing:

Creating CV,  Technical Reports and Presentation:

You can write your entire technical report, thesis or CV in LaTeX. You can also use Beamer class  (latet-beamer) to create Powerpoint like presentation in LaTeX.


Converting odt to LaTeX:

Libre documents can be converted to LaTeX using w2l command from terminal. This feature will requires installation of libreoffice-writer2latex and writer2latex.

Then executing w2l will convert odt to LaTeX file.

Converting LaTeX to odt:

tex4ht package is required for this conversion:

To convert document, use oolatex command:

Another package for LaTeX to odt is pandoc. To install use:

To convert, LaTeX to odt, use:

pandoc can be used to convert tex to other formats.

Both conversion are not giving ditto copy of original tex file. But they are helpful to get required file which need further editing to make it same as original tex file.


  1. LaTeX Project
  2. Sample Thesis and  CV in LaTeX on
  3. Beamer Class
  4. odt to LaTeX
  5. tex4ht
  6. pandoc


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