Debian4Engr Series: 04 Recommended Packages, Tips & Useful links

Recommended Packages:

  1. icedove, for email client, to install from root terminal:
  2. iceweasel, for browser (its same firefox but with removed copyright content i.e., mozilla logo and its brand name firefox), to install from root terminal:
  3. libreoffice, gnu/gpl office software as openoffice is now voilating opensource licenses, to install:
  4. unrar, program for extracting rar archive files, to install:
  5. opensource matlab, scilab, to install:
  6. eclipse ide with jdk, to install:

    and to install cdt (c++ development tools for eclipse):

    . To install g++ and its debugger:
  7. ffmpeg, for audio/video codec converter, to install:
  8. kdenlive, for video/audio editing, to install:
  9. qcad, for 2d engineering cad/cam. to install:


Recommended Tasks:


  1. Never experiment with production system.
  2. Never install software outside from repo or from source code.
  3. Always backup on regular basis and before experimenting with new package.
  4. Some guide, tips and solution given on different sites are outdated and doesn’t work with your current distro. Check date of upload of these guides.


Useful links:

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